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A luxury villa on the south west coast of Sardinia. Discover this unique and secluded Mediterranean hideaway with stunning views over Sardinia’s most beautiful undiscovered beaches and surrounding mountains.

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Local sites

Local Sites

Grotto Su Mannau. Large impressive cave system with guided tours. Full caving expeditions can be arranged. 20 mins by car.
Tempio di Antas. Pre nuragic temple – rather lovely early morning or at sunset. 25 mins by car.

Cagliari: Sardinia’s capital is just 90 minutes away. The old fortified town (Bastione) and port area are well worth the trip. Do check where you park to avoid fines.

Carloforte: Delightful island famous for its tuna restaurants and pleasant town - 90 mins away by road and ferry. A lovely mid afternoon through dinner trip.

Pula: Archeological Museum housing artefacts from the nearby ruins of the ancient city of Nora where you can see Phoenician, Punic and Roman ruins.