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A luxury villa on the south west coast of Sardinia. Discover this unique and secluded Mediterranean hideaway with stunning views over Sardinia’s most beautiful undiscovered beaches and surrounding mountains.

You've been on vacation before but here are four things Sardinians know:

• Shut the shutters and the windows during the day to keep the heat out. Open them in the evening and let the cool air in.

• Ants always win. Sweep up, wipe up.

• The locals put bottles of water in the freezer and then take the iced bottles to the beach.

• NEVER drop cigarette butts! Put them out and throw them in a bin; if you cause a fire you will not be popular.

On July 23rd, 2009 there were five major forest fires across the island; two firefighters and a shepherd lost their lives. You can see the devastation if you go to Scivu. Please take this seriously!”